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01:09am 11/01/2008
  how often do you take walks?  
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gee baby gee   
12:23am 28/09/2007
  what up world.
i was just outside walking
when all of the sudden
from the heavens above
lots of it!
i got soaked.
i got stoked.
played drums dripping wet for an hour i did!

this weekend i'm going to province town with mickey, brie, annie, and leah.
we're gonna have an afternoon picnic on the beach. it's gonna be beautiful.

my life is totally balanced right now ... for the first time since high school i feel content and at ease. it's awesome.
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01:44am 20/09/2007
  owl toothbrush mustache boom box pillow placing tangible dreadlocks notorious and hippos like a back of a shuttle bus sandwhich who is there on my watch on my time locked dresser drug addict drawer punched in spanish class but lackadaisical drum machine hearse hopping road trip sunday make up cram bot sally hand on the wall backing suggestive childhood's end.  
(i'm a) 20 year old BRO   
07:48pm 22/08/2007
  to celebrate the anniversary
of the strange beating in my chest
i decided to
buy myself new recording equipment
and bake cookies for shira and leise.
ok lola ]suddenly on my stom,ach typing too hard byrE!
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it's august 6th   
07:49am 06/08/2007
  happy birthday to elliott smith.
i love you!
a year ago today the tiny tornadoes recorded our cd in my room. crayzeeee.
05:51pm 03/06/2007
  i like
cleaning out drawers
learning drums
1640 mile long drives
the sun
one chord songs
anna's bike

it's hard to
be submerged
in an empty house
people gone
weird stomach
lola going bonkers
silent phone
for weeks
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oh sugar, oooo sugar!   
06:59pm 29/05/2007
  last night played an amazing show with the tornadoes / got paid for it / felt wonderful annnnnnnnnndddddddd ...
got a parking ticket afterwards!
what is up with this trend? very odd i must say.
hmm. tomorrow i take a plane to florida and immediately drive back with adam maryniuk.
explore exist produce persist   
02:28am 25/05/2007
hot tub 3.7
GPA saving the
mandolin that
saba strummed in
streaking through
lamp-lit streets as his
baseball glove slipped
off his
sunsoaked skin
onto friends
landscape friends
sipping cinnamon bun
boxed wine
like drum fills on the 4
front seats
windows down
we are
flordia postponed
though close
and free
still love
cause we
still reach
still can
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december march may   
12:48am 18/05/2007
  i'm laying on my bed listening to the sweeping hum of the street cleaner outside.

this reminds me:

the first time i got a parking ticket i was parked on the street when the cleaner was out.

the second (and last) time was because i didn't put money in the meter.

both times i discovered the ticket just after being paid for playing a show. so both times i have been fined i didn't care.

because getting paid to play a show is like getting paid money to go on an awesome rollercoaster with all your friends. it is beautiful because it doesn't make sense.


i am laying on my bed and the window is open and my feet are cold and i don't want to move.

and i remember that feeling well

of the rare, unfortunate occurance of a ticket

after singing and laughing with my friends

and strangers

and getting paid for it


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12:21am 12/02/2007
  my band is going on a week tour pretty soon. it goes like this:

march 3rd - burlington, vermont at the radio bean.
march 4th - cambridge, mass at tt's and the bears.
march 5th - ???
march 6h - portland, maine at the sahara club.
march 7th - worcester, mass at 11 forbes st.
march 8th - bronxville, ny at sarah lawrence.
march 9th - waterville, maine at colby college.
march 10th - ???

if anyone can help us out with the 5th and 10th we will give you hugs and fly a kite in your honor. we will play anywhere!
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01:16am 05/02/2007
  i am listening to tracks from the new panda bear record "person pitch" and my head is about to explode. i can't even believe what i am hearing.


i don't know what is going on but this rules   
10:45pm 03/02/2007
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09:41am 31/01/2007
  hey everyone. it looks like my band is going on a mini tour of the north east during the week of march 3rd to the 10th. we have one show booked as of right now on the 7th ... but we wanna play at least five dates. if anyone would like us to play their house / church / college / castle / cave / jacuzzi / etc we would be psyched. seriously though ... we need help ...  
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subject. subject. subject. subject.   
01:38am 19/01/2007
  hey everyone. i've started recording some songs alone. www.myspace.com/shaierlichman ... cool!  
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09:35pm 11/12/2006
  december 11th is a special day.  
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01:52pm 05/12/2006
  a phrase i don't understand = "shit eating grin."  
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strange powers   
01:40pm 14/11/2006
  today when i woke up i had this weird feeling that my women writers class would be canceled and when i checked my e-mail i got a message from the professor saying she can't make it today cause she is sick. i don't really get how that happened.  
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playin a show   
01:05am 12/11/2006
  hey my band is playing a show in cambridge this saturday. you should come!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yeah so this should be a fun night. in other news, i am very tired and need to sleep. goodbye internet ... (heeelllooooooo bed!).
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03:31pm 08/11/2006
  the new WHEN WALLS ARE BUILT album called "THE SILENCE PARTY" is now available (as of today)!
if you want a copy please send 10 bucks to:

Shai Erlichman
950 Main St Box 0748
Worcester, MA

the songs go like this:
1. pop tan
2. hello holiday
3. these ones
4. you hung up on my heart
5. party poncho
6. it's a tired rainbow
7. our tv medicine is dead, dead, dead
8. oh, madeleine
9. good times last
10. so far so good
11. sunlight's dead

the cover is all like:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

thanks to everyone who has supported us and this cd. getting this out has been a long process and we thank you guys for being so wonderfully patient with us.

also, if you want the old album "SUMMER SLEEPS" you can send 5 bucks to the same address!
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02:07pm 29/09/2006
  i saw joanna newsom last night in a courtyard outside at the mfa. my heart has exploded. she played clam, crab, cockle, cowrie last which is one my most favorite songs ever and i felt like i was a young teenage girl at an early beatles concert ... you know during the she loves you yeah yeah yeah days. man i wish she loved me! I WISH SHE KNEW ME. oh well.

i have one more class and then it is the weekend. i can not wait. i've been working nonstop all week. time to relax.
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